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My father took my sisters and I to church for a brief time after our parents divorced. We had a large family Bible in which I enjoyed the pictures as a child and I am grateful to have it today. There were times my grandmother took us to Vacation Bible School. I learned the Bible stories but not what it meant for my life.

After all these years I still have the Bible the teacher gave me on the first day I came to Sunday School and I decided then that I was going to study the Bible. Years later I got it out with intentions to study it. I opened it but did not know where to begin and did not understand anything. I put it away and planned to pick it up another day.

That day came when I received salvation at 24 years old. The desire to understand the Word was strong and when I opened it up this time I began to understand it. When I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit the Word lit up. I began to read the Bible through every year and still do. I never missed church services and listened to teaching by Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, and Pastor David Klahr on the radio. That brought me to New Creation Fellowship.

New Creation Bible Institute began shortly after that. I babysat to have the money for my tuition and finished with the first class in

1987. At this time I had a desire to teach. As Pastor Jeaneen Klahr prayed over me at graduation she spoke a word from the Lord confirming that desire and that He gave it to me but there was no hurry.

Soon after that I was divorced and became a single mother to my four young sons. Life was overwhelming and the Word was my life source for survival. I picked it up every spare moment I could and attended every church service then bought the tape to listen to it again. I realized the impact of the Word in my life as it soon lifted me above my uncertain circumstances.

Preparation to teach began as the Lord began to deal with me to go to college for a degree in elementary education. I started when my youngest son began school and graduated after six years. Then the Lord made the way to go to Rhema Bible Training College.

After graduatinng from Rhema I began teaching at New Creation Christian Academy in it's second year until it closed ten years later. I currently work in the public school system as an intervention aide for struggling readers.

I have an urgency to be a part of building and strengthening the church in these last days before our Lord's return. He is returning for a strong, majestic church. I am honored to be part of the mission to strengthen the church with New Creation Bible Institute.

Brenda Nicely

Brenda Nicely

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