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the vision

To teach men and women of God faith through knowledge and application of the Word of God to their lives.  To equip the saints and send them out so they can confidently fulfill the call of God on their lives and the Great Commission.


the commitment
To make room for the Holy Spirit and His power to be demonstrated through the gifts of the Holy Spirit in and out of the classroom


OUR mission
To teach students how to recognize the call of God and minister effectively in the office that God has called them.


The Experience
We have an eager and anointed staff the bring you the uncompromised Word of God with unique and seasoned perspectives, personal experience and complete  spiritual education


The cost
Our goal here is not to make a profit.  As you can see with all the above, our heart is to grow the kingdom through teaching God's Word.   Reach your Ministry goals with Licensing or Ordination when you enroll in the Scholar Program for way less than similar institutions.
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